Financial Communication

Effective financial communication is a key element when it comes to attracting and sustaining investor interest, maintaining optimal stock value and successful public or private sales or mergers. It also requires an in-depth understanding of the legal environment and investor expectations in every market, as well as the ability to develop a convincing narrative supporting the company's investing history. No less important are the initial approach and readiness to quickly react to market speculations, unfavourable reporting by market analysts, loss of confidential information or legal suits. An investor relationship, having the goal of helping clients obtain a maximum justifiable company value according to its long-term viability, is also an important element of financial communication. Considering the speed with which financial information is dispersed and the giant volume thereof, communication technologies should be analysed and perfected on a daily basis. Perception & Reality Square provides the following services in this area:

  • IR-strategies development and implementation
  • full communication assistance during financial transactions (IPO, M&A deals, additional issues, bond issues, etc.)
  • institutional investors segmentation and targeting
  • analysis of a corporate image by sell-side analysts and institutional investors
  • preparation of MD&A, annual reports and other documents
  • event organisation for investors, including road shows and group visits to clients’ sites
  • preparation and conduct of webcasts and conference calls upon release of financial statements and other key events for the investors
  • communication support to protect against hostile takeovers
  • training in investor relationship and financial analysis